Do You Know The Fashion Brand Of Juicy Couture?

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Do You Know The Fashion Brand of Juicy Couture?
Fashion brand from California Juicy Couture (Orange Zi) is designed to go the route sweet girl. Color, Juicy Couture choose very vibrant colors which is selected to design both the fresh and vivid colors and unique feminine feeling. Juicy Couture has both yellow candy-like sweet, tender green, the color blue, pink; but also Yat natural light beige, light green and so on. No matter what color, you can feel the vitality of youth.

Juicy Couture (Orange Zi) Women emphasizes both comfort and fashion, setting off a sense of sporty luxury. Juicy Couture (Orange Zi) sportswear line is full of texture and shape of the design flow, which reveal every detail of the noble women and sexy fashion. Juicy Couture women have to keep the most tender and feminine in motion! Comfortable, stylish, good-looking, and the magic of the hip results, Juicy Couture (Orange Zi) sportswear best highlight the charm of the new generation of women!

Juicy Couture (orange mayonnaise) bracelets, necklaces and other accessories are the most popular in girls. Every quarter Juicy Couture (orange mayonnaise) will launch a theme pendants, for fashionable girls to freedom of DIY. In addition to the familiar women Products, Juicy Couture (Orange Zi) still has sports and leisure clothing, bracelets, watches. There are girls clothing, children's clothing, bags, perfume, pet clothing, men's clothing (Juicy Couture For Men).
In 1995, Pamela Sikai Manchester Levy (Pamela Skaist-Levy) and Jilanaishi (Gela Nash) co-founded the Juicy Couture (Orange Zi) brand, the predecessor of Travis Jeans. In 1996, the brand officially changed its name to Juicy Couture. In the beginning, Juicy Couture (Orange Zi) only design women leisure and comfortable sports, which were very popular in the U.S. West Coast; soon, the pictures on which stars weared Juicy Couture (Orange Zi) Women's Street were light in the entertainment news, Juicy Couture (Orange Zi) the brand has become the nation's girls love.

In 2002, Juicy Couture (Orange Zi) expanded the product line design and extends to the men's and children's clothing, while women's range also extends to the bags, shoes, jewelry accessories. In 2006, Taylor and Levy founded line of high-end Couture Couture brand. Photographed by paparazzi exposure of a large number of Hollywood stars ,the Juicy Couture (orange mayonnaise) becomes the focus of attention ,which is the nation's chief representative of young women hip-hop fashion.
The fashion design of Juicy Couture (Orange Zi) is sexy sweet. Popular star of Hollywood and Hong Kong and Taiwan, not only Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, the Hilton sisters , Madonna, are the lovers of Juicy Couture (Orange Zi).

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Do You Know The Fashion Brand Of Juicy Couture?

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This article was published on 2011/04/06